StrongboyXL Contract Pack 6+6 Maximize

XL Contract Pack 6+6

This contract pack contains

6 Strongboy XL Masonry supports and 6 Size1 Acrow Props

Price includes VAT and Delivery ( £ 324.00 ex VAT)

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£ 389.00

The STRONGBOY XL© Masonry Support, is a simple to use attachment for standard ACROW props, that makes fitting Lintels and Steel Beams a much easier task.  The STRONGBOY© will support a double-skin brick or block cavity wall from either the inside or the outside allowing easy access from the other side and because it fits between courses, you create less damage.

The recommended spacing between props is 750mm

The maximum height is 3 metres

The maximum loading is 340 Kg per Strongboy/Prop

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