Pack of 4 - Acrow Props - Size 1 Maximize

Pack of 4 - Acrow Props - Size 1

Acrow Props Size 1

Extends from 1.75m to 3.12m

Conforms to  BS4074 & BS5507

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£ 99.80

Pack of 4  - Size 1 Acrow Props - ( 1.73m to 3.12m )

We only stock genuine original Acrow Props, as we belive they are the best on the market. The design has stood the test of time, why settle for second best?

Acrow Props Size 1 are the most popular size with an adjustment range between 1.753m & 3.124m, this size is commonly used in conjunction with our Original Strongboy Masonry Support

All Acrow Props supplied by Strongboy Ltd are fully and independently tested in accordance with BS4074 & BS5507 - Full technical support, certification and traceability information is required on many sites and is available upon request.

They are also fully tested to work as a system with the Strongboy masonry support..

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