The New Strongboy ® Plus - Masonry Support Maximize

The New Strongboy ® Plus - Masonry Support

The New Strongboy®  Plus is new and improved version of The Original Strongboy® Masonry Support

Now featuring our new patented, plate locking bar. The Strongboy® Plus now 'locks' into place on the Acrow Prop, for a safer,  more secure, operation.

This feature is only available on Genuine Strongboy Plus ® - Masory Supports

Available WITH or WITHOUT handle.

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  • With Handle
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£ 39.00

The New Strongboy® Plus   Masonry Support 

The new and improved Strongboy® Plus  now features our new and patented, plate locking bar.

This unique feature  'locks'  the Strongboy Plus XL onto the top of the Acrow Prop and keeps it level for a more stable and secure operation.

Max loading and insertion depths are now stamped onto the Strongboy Plus itself.

The Strongboy Plus XL is also available WITH and WITHOUT handles

Safe Working Load  is - 340 Kg

Maximum spacing between props - 900mm

Maximum  working height  - 3.0m

Thickness of wall supported - 225mm.